Friday, October 3, 2014

Five Months Old

Yesterday Diego turned five months old. It's been a long five months and I had hoped that we would be closer to a happy point in our lives. Diego still cries a lot, mostly because he is over tired and he just can't learn to fall asleep. We have been doing cry it out and he does go to sleep but it takes him awhile and he can't put himself back to sleep if he wakes up. He still wakes up quite frequently at night, more than 4 times a night, on average probably about 6 in 9 hours. It's pretty exhausting. Besides that his nap routine has taken a turn for the worse and he wakes up after only 30 minutes. I try to put him back to sleep but not always successfully. His reflux seems better so I don't know why he still cries so much, but I am so ready for the happy baby time to start.
Things have been so busy that we just started solids today. His first food was oatmeal and he didn't like it at all. We just did a few small spoonfuls for taste and then called it quits til tomorrow.
So what can Diego do at five months? Besides having fabulous screaming lungs you mean..he's actually crying while I write this. Just one hour after falling asleep he is awake crying. He rolls himself over and then is pissed and screams because he can't roll back. But he gets so mad that even if you roll him back he rolls back over. It's such a battle.
So what can he do? Hmm well he is not as advanced as Callie was, sorry Diego but you are no matched for advanced Callie and Ford too. He can roll from tummy to back and is pretty good at it. Unfortunately that means he doesn't get too much tummy time because he just rolls himself over. He can't lift his chest up off the surface on his arms and I think it's because he is weak from not spending enough time on his belly. He can hold his head up well but can't really prob sit or sit without support. You wouldn't guess it from the photos as I took them sitting in a boppy and had him wear overalls because they are the secret weapon to advanced sitting ;) I know this through the trials of many kids at work learning to sit. Diego enjoys standing with help and can take all his weight for some time if you help him balance. He also enjoys playing in his jumper. Since his legs are long he actually reaches and can stand there. He is just getting accurate with his hands and is starting to play with small parts of toys and explore them. Most toys go straight in the mouth. Still no actual teeth, but lots of teething and drooling and two little numbs on the bottom front are making their way in. I would bet in the next 2 weeks we will see a tooth.
He enjoys being tickled and has quite a laugh. He also likes to be played peek a boo with or any other silly faces and funny sounds. Callie always seems to get a smile out of him even though I think he is terrified of her. Diego is a mom as boy who prefers to always be at the boob, especially while sleeping. His favorite spot is laying right next to me facing me with his. Head smooshed on my chest even if he isn't eating.
He is just moving into 6 month old clothes. Some 3 month onesies still fit but anything that's a sleeper needs to be 6 months as he is much longer than wide. When I look back at Callie at 5 months she was much chunkier! Diego can babble a bit and loves to make spitting raspberries when he is mad and also just for fun.
Here's to five months and hoping we all get some sleep and less crying soon although I'm not counting my chickens as I just have a feeling it will be awhile longer.

How about that drool?!

Comb over!

I tried to get a shot laying on his belly but he decided to just roll over instead.

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