Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Much needed nap time

I haven't been feeling well with a very sore throat, ear ache pounding headache and just exhausted. Some of it is the lack of sleep this week has brought with teething but Diego seems to have calmed down with the teeth for now and I still feel sick. Today I just felt like laying down but with two kids that's nearly impossible. I made it through the morning by taking the kids to the library for story time and to feed the ducks. That allowed me some calm time but also kept Callie busy. She was surprisingly shy at story time and sat on the side with me and just watched and listened quietly. There were a lt of kids though, probably 20 so it was overwhelming.
By nap time I was do exhausted I had to have a nap. I was lucky enough to get Callie asleep then Diego asleep with me and napped for over an hour. The kids slept well and when I got up with Callie, Diego kept sleeping in my bed by himself! There won't be much more time he can sleep in my bed alone as once he can roll he has to stay in the crib. But for now here's his sweet little sleeping face :) hoping I feel better tomorrow and I'm off to bed right now at 7:30 pm.

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