Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't tell me...

As soon as I thought Callie had recovered from her illness she starts puking again today. :( her pediatrician wanted to see her since it was a big gap in the puking episodes just to be sure. She looks good so it's likely just a virus but we sent out a urine sample to be sure she doesn't have a uti. Callie thought peeing in a cup was really fun, go figure...unfortunately this virus return means we can't go on our planned outing to the Hulabaloo dance and music kid time at the winery which would have been a win win for me and Callie. Guess we will have to wait until next month. Diego turned 5 months today but I can't even attempt that post after today, so we will pretend its tomorrow. Hopefully Callie is doing better tomorrow and we can put this all behind us.
In the meantime on a happier note, here is a video clip of happier days...
Callie somehow took to this popular song on the radio Don't Tell Em. It says don't tell me like 5 or 6 times in a row and she sings this while putting up her one finger and bobbing her head. Usually she doesn't like the radio and asks for her own music CDs but when this song comes on she sings. She also recognizes it from the very beginning of the song. I keep trying to get her singing but she doesn't want to be recorded. I did get her to dance this past weekend, but it was the instrumental because we couldn't find the radio edit and the real song has a lot of bad words. I'll get her on video at some point because it's way to funny to not have documented.

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