Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

In 92 degree sunny weather we went to the pumpkin patch today. I typically think cool fall breeze and needing a jacket and hot apple cider. Instead I was sweating and hoping for a glass of ice water. Either way we still had some fun. We couldn't stay too long as Diego was tired, hot and cranky. You can see him crying in the tractor ride photo. Very typical photo of me and the kids ;) we tried to get a photo of the three kids but Diego tipped over after the only one we took and scratched his face in the hay and that was the end of that attempt as it ruined his cooperation. Callie got to play in the pumpkins, feed the goats and chickens and ride the tractor ride. We just took home one small pumpkin for now as it's too hot to put one on the steps and I know we will go back. She is already asking to go to the other one with the train and to bring daddy an Papa and Tio next time. I thought this one had the train so I made the mistake of telling her on the way there, luckily she was happy enough with the tractor ride.

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