Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Back on the sleep training bandwagon

Diego had been doing well with sleep training then teething started and I threw it all out the window and held and fed him as he wished. Except this time he isn't even happy fed and held and still cries or wants to be rocked, shushed, held and swayed. He's ridiculous and I've created a monster who is a terrible sleeper. So back to consistency and the 7-14-21 rules which after reading another sleep book I have been doing wrong. Oops I thought it was go back every 7 but it's progressive waiting so each time is 7 min longer. Anyways Diego can go to sleep at bedtime without a single fuss even when put down awake, so I succeeded in one area but then he wakes up 6-8 times a night and can't go bck to sleep without nursing. He's nearly 6 months old and needs to be getting up one time maximum! So I'm working towards this. For now I'll say every 4 hrs I will feed but he stays in his bed and no comfort nursing. Time to be tough as consistent or it doesn't work. I'll be extra exhausted if you see me looking terrible give me a break ;)
On the other hand Callie is doing so well sleeping through the nights and going to Ed at nap and bedtime without a fuss. The key for her has been consistency, sticking to a bedtime routine and what we say she gets no matter what (ie one book one song) and giving her some power. We tell her it's time to relax and be quiet in her bed and he can fall asleep when she is ready or just lay and relax. Since we aren't telling her to go to sleep she happily chooses to relax then sleep in her timeframe without yelling for us or procrastinating. Phew who knew parenting kids was so hard?
Here's one for a laugh, Callie dressing up in her cowboy hat I brought home from BGR (baby go round resale) when I sold some baby items.

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