Saturday, June 21, 2014

Potty time

I started Callie on serious potty training on the recommendation of our pediatrician starting Thursday. Callie has a staph infection on the back of her shoulder and the dr says it's most likely to spread or show up recurring in the diaper area because of the moist dirty environment. So the best thing we can do for her is get her potty trained ASAP and in underwear and dry. She's on antibiotics and has a special cream and she's being so tough about it. Hopefully we can get it cleared up and she has no recurrences even though there is a real strong possibility it will show up again. She has been really successful with the potty! I am so proud of her. Yesterday I brought her to walmart and let her pick out a toy because she made it all day using only underpants with no accidents! She even went to Walmart in her underwear with no accidents! She picked out this great big doll house.
Meanwhile Diego was fussy all week and not sleeping well at night. This week I had introduced dairy again and as much as I didn't want it to be true I can finally conclude dairy Definately bothers him. I removed it all again a few days ago and he is back to happy sleeping Diego today. This photo is of him at 5 am Thursday happily sleeping in my bed after we had been up for hours Wednesday night. It was killing me since I had I go to work and now he wants to sleep, go figure.
And tonight I am home alone with both kids as Juan took his dad to the padres game for Father's Day. I was nervous it was going to be a chaos perfect storm of crying but believe it or not we had NO crying (except washing Callie's wound which is expected). Diego was asleep or happily awake watching Callie and I play. Callie was gentle and loving to him. We called GaGa to wish her happy birthday. I made dinner, ate, cleaned up, emptied the dishwasher, fed the dogs, gave Callie a bath, read books for bedtime all with two kids and no meltdowns. I swear it's like someone miraculously swapped my kids out today Rachael usually everyone is crying by 7 pm. I feel a little bit like super mom! Now wish me luck for the rest of the night.

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