Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Friday 13th

Callie had friends over today to play. I won't lie it was a little chaotic but we managed with only one fight when thy started to get crabby and tired. My friend Amy and I had 1 baby, 3 toddlers and 2 dogs to manage. Normally I wouldn't count the dogs but her kids are afraid of dogs so getting them used to having my two wandering around them was a challenge. Diego was an angel today and needed the least attention of the bunch. There were a lot of messes and a lot of cleaning up but the kids had a great time. They swam in the hot tub, played kitchen, colored, played music, had a dance party and so on. Callie went right to sleep at nap time :)
She asked for them to come back another day and stay for a fire and marshmellows party. So cute my little party planner.
I don't know how preschool does it with 8 kids and 1 teacher. We had a hard enough time managing our crew of kids!
Also I decided in one of my late night feedings while playing on my phone that I needed to make my own blankets like the Aden and anais ones I like so much. I bought fabric but took me some time to get around to doing something with it. Tonight I test printed one and am thrilled with the results. This one is obviously for Juan. Now what to print on the rest of my blankets? What do you think?

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