Saturday, June 14, 2014

Productive day

I don't have any cool photos for you today but I can tell you Callie and I were productive. I finished Diego's chargers blanket by adding yellow footballs, I'll get a shot of that later. Callie and I made her a fuschia blanket with peppa pigs family printed all over it that she is obsessed with. She won't put it down and even brought it to costco today, which turned out to be lucky for me as I used it as a nursing cover while I sat on their patio furniture. I also sold my two old single strollers on craigslist to clean out my dining room which was full of strollers. Callie and I swam in the pool and she practiced potty training with more than 6 successful pees on the potty.

All in all a full day. I'll leave you with this photo of my flowers Callie and I picked from the neighbors yard (with their permission of course). Imhydrangeas are my favorite and theirs are beautiful! The bushes are over 50 years old that produced these beauties!

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