Monday, June 30, 2014

A rough 2 month checkup

Today was Diego's 2 month checkup. Callie went with us to have her shoulder checked and the doctor feels her infection is gone and she is done with her medicine. That was the good news. Diego had an ok visit, basically short, average weight and giant head. No really, 17th percentile length(1'10"), 59th percentile weight(12 lb 7 oz) and 83rd percentile for head circumference (15.8"). I think he is actually taller than that but it's hard to measure when they squirm and scrunch. He got Tdap/Hib/polio combo vaccine today. I split up all the vaccines than the usual which is a total of 4 shots/7+ vaccines based on that Callie had reactions to vaccines before we knew she had food allergies. The doctor is really nice about it and offered to split up today's into separate vaccines as well but it's almost always given as one so I went ahead with that one. Well bad idea.... After I returned to work Diego had a big red swollen leg with rash and was screaming bloody under in pain and wouldn't stop not even to eat. I left work and brought him back to the doctor right away. I was able to reach her by phone from the car through the emergency line and she wanted to see him in the office. We gave him some Tylenol and it started to subside but was still a big red lump very swollen and the screaming wouldn't stop. They gave him more Tylenol and we waited in the office for an hour. They measured the lump when we started at over 5 cm in length! Eventually he settled down enough to eat and the bump has gone down most of the way. He is still incredibly fussy and crying a lot (even more than normal if you can imagine). I feel terrible for him and feel like I should have split every single vaccine up and dragged them out forever but it's too late now. A second doctor came to see him as well and they aren't sure exactly what the reaction is, but it's an adverse reaction to the vaccine, likely the Tdap portion or he preservative. It could be a local reaction or an IgE true allergic response (minor since breathing wasn't effected). They will report it to the CDc as an adverse reaction and we are just watching him for a few days to see how he does before we decide on future vaccines. Since it wasn't a life threatening reaction we will still proceed with vaccines but cautiously and giving him Tylenol before each vaccine. Hopefully he starts feeling better soon, but it was a rough day for us both. I'm hoping for some sleep but realize we may be walking and rocking and snuggling all night. The prescription for improvement is Tylenol, snuggles and love with a little patience on the side. Poor little man :(

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