Monday, June 16, 2014

Who misses who

I don't know who missed who more today. I missed my little guy being at work all day, reading my 686 emails I received while I was gone. 686 was lucky because some timed out as too old and I never got to read them. Diego spent his first day without me ever. In 6 weeks I've only left him for 1 hr or less besides my ER  visit for a few hours so he's only had two bottles in his lifetime before today. As soon as I walked in the door from work he was crying for mommy and wanting to nurse. Once we were home he went right back into crying until I would hold him and nurse him again even though it was obvious he wasn't hungry. After he finally settled himself he's snuggled himself into my chest and is sleeping ever since in the comfort of mommy's arms. Tomorrow I'll be home again so I can spend some quality time with both my kids. Diego will learn to adjust to the bottle and being without mommy and I'll adjust to being back at work. We both survived our first of many many more of these days.
Jeana took this photo of the boys happy together yesterday :) and I didn't take any photos today.

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