Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ford & Diego's Dedication

Yesterday we celebrated in dedicating Ford and Diego to be raised in God's family. It was a special ceremony for so many reasons. We are so lucky and blessed to have Tio Bogar to officiate all our families special events. It is so intimate to have it catered to our family in words but also in love and warmth. Bogar has been there for every family moment for is, from our wedding to Diego's dedication. It was also special because Ford and Diego got to share the day and be dedicated together, another tying bond for these two who I know will be best buds. I was lucky enough to have my dad in town visiting and Tia Nena flew in from Monterey so we had a lot of love from all around.
The weather was beautiful and it was a fabulous day. Diego cried quite a bit as he was having a rough day but I told him God loves him even if he cries through the ceremony ;)
Callie had so much fun playing with her older cousins and is still asking when she can play with them again. I think I found some new babysitters.
Nicky and Hunter, Diego's god parents took these photos of the day.
Diego is one lucky little guy to have so much love surrounding him.

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