Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A day with PaPa

Callie was so excited to spend a whole day with her PaPa. She couldn't leave his side for a minute and everything was no, not mommy today, papa will do it. She didn't give him a break even banging on the bathroom door while he took a shower. We went out for breakfast then went to the zoo. Since PaPa was with us at the zoo we braved walking all the way to the far side of the zoo. I never leave the front side since it's such a long walk. We saw bears, elephants, and polar bears. We took the Skyfari for the first time back to the front as we were all tired from walking. Callie couldn't stay awake in the car even when I was talking to her, tickling her and keeping her awake until we got home so she could nap in her bed. I think that means she had too much fun ;)

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