Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Burrito boy

Diego has been doing well at night still. I didn't want to share his sleeping in the dark photo like a burrito until he had a few good nights. One of these days when my room is clean I'll take a photo of our whole bed set up but maybe you can tell from this photo. Diego's crib is attached to my bed and his crib just has 3 sides to it. So he sleeps about 6" from my face to my side safely on his mattress. Usually by 4 am he makes it to my bed because I get too exhausted feeding him and fall asleep with him rather than put him back after feeding. Either way it's a way better set up then I had with Callie where I had to get out of bed to reach her, lift her over the side then into my bed. Lessons learned by baby 2.... Also he really likes the swaddling and he wants to wrapped right like a little burrito. Swaddle blankets don't work anymore as he wiggles his way loose but these straight jacket ones work wonders.
Also I have been working on getting the birth announcements out in the mail, should happen tomorrow. Callie decided she needed to make mail too and wrote on envelopes and told me what they said. She made this mail then delivered it to Diego in his pack n play. She cracks me up. What a creative little girl.
And lastly I took both kids to the library today. No photos as it was impossible to manage as is. That was a handful as I had to feed Diego and Callie was taking books off shelves and asking strangers if they want to see her baby while I was feeding him. After we went to see the ducks at the gold course but I didn't bring any bread. The giant goose was sassy and mad we didn't have bread and bit Callie's hand! She was petrified and then I had to carry 2 kids back to the car 150 yards. I think I got my workout in and I can't wait for my new double stroller to arrive Thursday. Why did I ever think Callie would be happy walking once Diego was carried. Off to bed hoping for dreams...sweet dreams. I don't dream much lately since I sleep in short bouts.

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