Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tutu like Lamby

Today Callie wanted a tutu like Lamby. I pulled out this multi tiered strawberry skirt that my mom bought her awhile ago and it did the trick. She was thrilled with it and was spinning around. Then the FedEx man came with another birthday present for Callie and she added on this new hello kitty sweatshirt! Boy this kid is really into clothes and is going to be a diva!
We didn't do too much today. I'm getting more and more tired and more and more uncomfortable. Ill spare you all the details but I'm uncomfortable and Callie wants me to be on and off the floor and having a grand ol time. I have pretty much stopped picking her up except when absolutely necessary and so she knows to yell for daddy to help if he is home.
Jorge and over to visit and she had a lot of fun showing him toys and going out to dinner with him. He even read her a bedtime story.
As I am more and more uncomfortable and have trouble sleeping I find that my dog decides that he likes my maternity pillow and just sleeps on it! Thanks LT!
Don't expect too many exciting photos in the coming weeks as I am likely just waiting and hanging out in my comfy pajamas at home. When will Diego decide he wants to arrive???

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