Friday, April 25, 2014

Getting ready for Diego

Nena offered to watch Callie today so I could have a chance to get things ready for Diego. I jumped at the chance to have a whole day to get things accomplished and Callie misses her Grandma. She keeps asking to go to Grandmas house almost everyday!
She was so excited to go and had no complaints when I said I was leaving for the day. She played with we new gardening tools Eliana bought for her birthday. She kept talking about digging a hold with Grandma :)
Grandpa even came home early to see her too. She was so happy when we went to pick her up at dinner. Id say she had a good day!
I accomplished a lot but am exhausted! I washed all the baby toys, reorganized the toy bins and living room to make room for the baby items, did laundry, washed all the bottles and parts, reorganized cabinets to make room for bottles, cleaned out Callie's closet and boxed up 3 boxes of toys to give away. Callie has so many things I don't think she will even notice I got rid of some ;) I also have the car seat installed in my car.
I'm getting closer but still not ready! I'll get there soon.

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