Thursday, April 24, 2014

Diego's nursery

I finally am getting around to showing off Diego's nursery. I had finished most of it and the final touches came in the mail last week. I did most of this nursery from scratch myself. I felt obligated to do something special for Diego like I did for Callie so even though it was way hater to complete with a two year old, I did it. It all started with a dog theme. Then I decided it should be our dogs. So I designed custom fabric of our dogs as silhouettes snd went from there. It turned into this beautiful room! I sewed the quilt, curtains, bed skirt, pillow, changing pad cover and more. I made the hanging lampshade from ikea items and covered it with my custom fabric. I also hooked the light up to a remote switch so I can turn it on and off right from the rocking chair. I also handmade and hand sewed the 8 dogs on the custom mobile. There are 5 dogs that resemble the dogs Callie knows. I made Manny, LT, Bella, Roo, and Spike. Callie can point out which dog is which so I think that means I succeeded. I collected all the stuffed dogs as gifts from family who knew we had a dog themed room :) I made the silhouettes in photoshop from photos I took then hand painted the canvases. This project took longer than expected but I love the outcome. The boston terrier doorstop is an antique I received as a gift from my aunt Charleen last year and now I moved it to Diego's room because it fit so perfectly. I will have to find a new door stop for the door off my kitchen now.
Then lastly I really wanted matching fan pulls so I had someone on Etsy make them for me identical to my fabric. And I added on the light switch that looks like the quilt and the knobs on the dresser last. I think these things really complete the room.
I absolutely LOVE it and am so proud it's completed well before Diego arrives. Callie also loves it so it's hard to keep it clean as she always wants to play in there. So, what do you think?
I had my OB check up today and Diego I'd still happily doing well. The doctors estimate is 10 more days. I'm still getting on May 9th, 15 more days. Anyone else have predictions?

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