Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Terrible Two?

Today I think Callie made it her goal to challenge me. Everything was a fight and everything was no, no, no and screaming. I find some solice in that she behaved for the short period of time I needed to go to the dentist as that could have been a bad meltdown place. I cracked a filling and it hurt. Luckily I know the dentist and he works right down the street so he said just come in. He removed the filling (it sorta fell out, like how I hope childbirth goes this time) and gave me a temporary filling. Now I just try not to chew on that side while I wait until Diego is born to have it repaired.
We got down all the any items out of the attic today so now have a lot of laundry and washing to do to get all of it ready for Diego.
In the meantime I am trying to manage Callie and her tantrums and behavior as I can imagine its only going to get worse with 2 of them on my hands. I know she is just testing me but darn is she good at it.
This smile wouldn't make you think she is a screaming, no, give it to me, kiddo, but trust me she is. She was pretty poorly behaved in front of our neighbors and their 2 year old tonight and then both my dogs tried to bite their new puppy. How embarrassing.... Thanks to my kids, furry and not for making me eat a big bowl of ice cream tonight. I deserve it today.

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