Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Opening Birthday Card like Pa

Callie must have Great Pa's genes because she opens cards just like him! Since I was a little kid my Pa taught me to open birthday cards and immediately flip them over to see if any money falls out. I used to think this was so funny when I was younger. Callie has never even seen Pa do this and yet she opened cards today and immediately went for the money. You can tell the difference between her reaction to a check vs a dollar bill. Pa will have to teach her about the value as right now she is just excited about any dollar bill. Callie had a bunch of birthday cards to open as we forgot to get the mail because we were having so much fun yesterday. She had a great time opening the cards today. I didn't start videoing until after she opened the first card because her reaction was so funny, but it still loved it. Thanks for all the birthday love from the East Coast that arrived by mail :)
We also had a wedding invitation we needed to send an RSVP back for.  We walked it around the block to the big blue. Mailbox. I told Callie that when we out it in that's the end, it doesn't come back out until the mailman comes to get it.she didn't grasp that as once we put it in she cried she wanted it back. She literally sat and sulked at the street corner for 5 minutes at times laying on the sidewalk being dramatic. The police drove by slowly and took a look to make sure I wasn't abusing her but then waved and left.
Oh how mail an be so complicated. On a side mite she also cried at school today during ragtime as she didn't want to take turns using the paint. The teacher can only help so many kids at a time so they do small groups and Callie refused to let anyone else takes turn. The tea here des upletting her be the helper which probably just,axe things worse. She needs to learn take turns. Only my kid doesn't cry when I drop her off and just willingly goes it then cries over taking turns. Oh she makes me giggle.


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