Sunday, October 27, 2013

ER to the rescue

Well I made it to 12 weeks without an ER visit this time but today I ruined that streak. I've been doing on and off better, at least some of my time I am feeling ok. But not today! Today I woke up feeling really sick. I tried the usual tricks, eat crackers, drink tea, when that fails eat a heavy bagel, but no matter what I tried I kept puking. I couldn't even keep down a Popsicle. I would estimate I puked more than 50 times before I called it quits and headed to the ER. I hadn't eaten or drank a thing all day that stayed down more than 15 min. It was a long afternoon in the ER but incredibly peaceful. I had my Iv bags all hooked up and watched about 5 episodes of Buying Alaska. I determined I never want to buy a house in Alaska. After a few hours I went back home feeling somewhat better yet still exhausted. Ill be in bed very early tonight.
I am thankful to my amazing in laws this week who are keeping Callie overnight for the second time and who always willing to watch Callie when I am miserable. On top of that they did extra laundry and grocery shopped for Callie last week because I never got around to it :( thank you so much for being such an amazing family to me. It truly means the world to me to have you guys. And to my husband who has dealt with all my complaining, puking, whining and then also done everything for Callie and grocery shopped and cleaned the house this week. I hate feeling so useless and horrible and am hoping I can make a turn around soon. Someone print this for me and show me in case I ever say I am considering having another baby! I can say for sure this is it so if I ever say otherwise take me to a psych ward!
For those of you waiting for photo updates just bear with me for awhile longer.
All I have from this week is Callie screaming in her carseat. I turned it forward facing thinking she would like it better but I think it's really no different. She just doesn't like to be tied down ever!
Tomorrow I have an ultrasound so ill have some photos of baby 2 to share. Hoping I can drink the amount of water try need me to without puking at 7:30 am.

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