Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saying Bye Bye to GiJu

Today was GiJu's last day visiting. She leaves very early tomorrow morning before Callie gets up. We had a jam packed day of fun with GiJu. GiJu brought this jumper she bought Callie at a yard sale. I think this takes the prize for the biggest item ever brought on the airplane! But well worth it because Callie thinks it is great. Here she is climbing in and playing with GiJu.

At lunch time our friends Ed and Sharon came to visit and have lunch. We took a walk around the block, showed off the kitchen and played in the jump house.
Then we carved a pumpkin and roasted the seeds. This was Callie's first pumpkin. I thought she would like to touch the gunk from inside but she did not like the feel of it. She did help collect the seeds for roasting and liked taking the lid on and off. And she loved to eat the roasted seeds.

Then we took it in the garage to try it out in the dark. Pretty cool huh?

We took daddy out for birthday dinner at Stone and when we got home we took the pumpkin outside to test it out on the stairs. Between the pumpkin and the moon Callie was enthralled. 
Callie is busy looking at the moon.

On the car ride home we explained to Callie that GiJu had to leave to go home tomorrow and that she would come back next month. I figured it is much easier to tell her in advance so tomorrow when she is searching for her, we can reiterate that she went home to be with PaPa. Callie didn't like this conversation and started saying GiJu gone? No! And then held on to her arm hugging and kissing her. It's going to be a tough day tomorrow without her GiJu :( and I will miss having her here so I can rest, puke, and be miserable without attending to Callie. 3 days was way too fast. Callie is up way past her bedtime spending the last time with GiJu reading books before bed, its 8 pm now and she is still reading. Bye GiJu we will miss you! See you in less than one month, start the countdown!

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