Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Kitchen Toys

The other day when we got home there was a BIG package in the front steps. Callie was thrilled but I didn't even know what it was since I didn't order anything. I let Callie open it and to both of our surprise it was a gift for Callie for her great great aunt Charleen in NH! It was like the gift that kept on giving... The packing peanuts were fun on their own but hid the surprises while Callie dug out the goodies. She got a grocery cart full of play food and a toaster that actually pops up the toast! Wow was she in heaven. She pushes around the cart pulls items out and tries to name them. She knows noodles and milk, eggs and a few others. She loves the little toaster. She puts the toast in and when it pops out she uses a knife to spread on it. She knows how the toaster works because we let we help make toaster waffles in the morning. When she is done with the toaster she puts it on the bottom of the basket to push it around. A HUGE thank you to Charleen for sending us a gift from so far away for absolutely no occasion. We miss you and love you. I wish we were closer because your horses would make you Callie's favorite auntie ;)

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