Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun with the Tias

Callie spent half the day with Tia Mari and Tia Norma aka Wow Wow named by Callie. Boy does she have fun with these ladies. When I got there she was showing off her new things! Mari bought her hairbows and a cute turtle with a bobbing head from her trip to Mexico. Callie insisted on having all the bows in her hair at once of course. She also brought her a mini pumpkin, to get ready for Halloween.
Norma made her a cute new hat which she would put on we head and get everyone else to wear it. Tonight it was chilly when we went for a walk and she wore her new hat. Perfect timing! Thanks Tias! Callie rode on Juan's shoulders half way around the block. This was a first for her and boy was she excited.

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