Saturday, October 5, 2013

Callie's First Visit to the Dentist

Our dentist is a friend, the husband of one of my coworkers. He has been encouraging me to bring Callie in when I have an appointment so she can get used to the dentist and see its not a scary place before its her turn to get her teeth cleaned. I have been hesitant as I was worried she wouldn't behave, but realized it was in her best interest. So yesterday I brought her, and Eliana in case Callie didn't cooperate and I needed someone to just take her out for a walk or keep her busy if she didn't cooperate. I wasn't confident she would behave as at another recent dr visit she was not cooperative in the least and screamed the entire visit.
Well she showed me! She wasn't scared, not even a little bit. She sat on my lap facing me and watched the whole time I had my teeth cleaned. She had an apple so she chewed on that and watched carefully. Dr. Kunugi explained to her what he was doing and showed her all the tools. She even got adventurous and turned up the suction all on her own. And when we said something to her she turned it backdown too! Dental assistant Callie :)
She showed him her teeth but we didn't have her lay down as we wanted to keep it as positive as possible so she can learn the dentist is ok. If she keeps being so good we may try to clean her teeth at 2. Otherwise we might wait until 3. She will go back with me in April so we can see how she does for round 2.
The assistants let her pick a toy and a toothbrush from the bin. She is such a good teeth brushed that she chose two toothbrushes! And she showed them how she uses it. What a show off!
I was really amazed at how good she was. Big thanks to Eliana for coming just in case we had a meltdown. I am sure if she didn't come we would have had one for sure.
And a Big Belated Birthday to Christian. We celebrated his birthday today but it was actually yesterday. Sorry no photos of the cake but Callie enjoyed two bowls of strawberries and whip cream instead of cake. Yummy! We will be needing that toothbrush after all.


  1. It’s truly amazing how good she was at it. To think she’s only two! I hope she stays that way on all of her dental checkups. It’s such a great thing for a kid to learn the worth of dental health at an early age. --Dr. Brent

  2. Congrats to Callie for taking on her first visit to the dentist! And to think that she went through without even being scared. I bet you’re really proud of her. Anyway, it’s nice that you had a friend that is a dentist, and that he is very supportive when it comes to you and your family’s dental health. Thanks for sharing this with us, Rachael. All the best!

    Merle Wells @ Gillum Dentistry

  3. Most kids would go on a meltdown and cry on their first dental visit, but Callie was very confident about the situation. Kudos to that! Anyway, it was great that you had someone to support you on this, as well as having a dentist as a friend. Thanks for sharing, Rachael!

    Lindsey Hubbard@ Team Green Dentistry


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