Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Practicing for Halloween

Yesterday afternoon we practiced dressing up for Halloween. We didn't use the actual costume but she has a whole box full of dress up clothes. She doesn't like the whole outfits much so we stuck to accessories and whatever she pulled out of the chest. Poor Manny is always tortured as she wants him to do everything with her including dress up. She tried to put the fireman hat on him but he didn't like it much as you could have predicted. Tomorrow is the big day and I'm not even ready! We haven't tried on the costume and we don't have any candy to give Callie. She will get candy from the neighbors but chances are with a kid who has as many food allergies as Callie she won't be able to eat anything she collects. I need to get some "trade" candy so when she gets something with nuts or wheat, pretty much every candy bar, we can swap her with something. I'm thinking gummy bears and lollipops? She has never had that but I think it should be safe, it's just sugar anyways... I better get shopping when I get out of work tomorrow as its going to be time so soon! Hopefully I get some good photos of her dressed up tomorrow. I still don't even know if I've decided between 2 outfits! Whichever works day of it is...

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