Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Pumpkin #2

We are excited to announce that baby #2 is on the way! Due in early May!

I've been waiting to make a formal announcement on the blog because I had dreams of a cute announcement. Callie has been talking about mommy's baby and kissing my belly, so I figured a video with her in a big sis shirt or some other cute photo. Well that was my dream but then my reality set in. Pregnancy and I don't agree too well and I have been pretty sick. I can't imagine getting around to anything cool right now. You might have noticed the spaced blog posts, missing days, poor photos, yea that's all thanks to baby #2 that is wiping me out.
So in the reality of my life I figured I'd do the best I could while I am lying around sick, between puking of course. I stole the pumpkin photo from Pinterest, oops, oh well.

Today has been exceptionally bad and Juan took Callie to his parents for the day so I can get a rest. She doesn't quite understand that I don't feel good and don't want to play. Everything is up mommy and dragging me around and pleeease. It's a lot harder to be pregnant, sick, and have a toddler let me tell you!
But I try to remain positive. This is a blessing and there were no drugs or doctors appointments to make this baby. Just a good ol surprise! Callie hopefully will be a great big sister and hopefully I am sick less time or hope the time goes by fast. In the meantime bear with me with my lack of posts and pictures. I love you all really, but it's harder than you think. Plus I'm just trying to make it through the day never mind do something fun or cool and get a photo of it....
So thanks to Jeana for sending these photos to me today while I lay at home sick. Callie is enjoying Sunday football with her family :)

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