Monday, July 1, 2013

GiGi's book

Callie has a grandma book that GiGi reads to her on. It's a hallmark book that prerecords the pages so when you turn the pages you hear what is prerecorded. GiGi read the book to Callie back in March when we were visiting and she plays with it at home quite a bit. Juan took this video of her this weekend while I was gone. He was trying to get her doing no more monkeys jumping on the bed but instead he caught her kissing the photo of all of us at the aquarium, and she also blows a kiss and waves buy bye to GiGi when the book is over. So cute! She loves this photo of us from the aquarium and looks at it a lot. Totally worth it even if it was overpriced! We miss you GiGi and Pa.

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