Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beach and pool day Sunday

Today was a warm day in San Diego, over 80. We headed out for lunch and then to the beach to be near the ocean breeze and cool off. Callie loved being at the beach. She just runs into the water and waves fearlessly.
Then when we got home we rinsed off in the bath water warm kiddie pool. I showed Callie how to blow bubbles in the water and she immediately copied and did it!! This was the second try as we didn't get the first on tape. After she drank some in but she was tough. I'm planning to have a coworker teach her to swim in August. Have you ever seen the kids that fall in the pool roll on their back and float to save their life then roll over and swim a foot or so to grab the edge. Well we are going to try to teach her that! 

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