Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rosy cheeks

Tonight I picked up a family meal from Daphne's Greek because I haven't been grocery shopping this week and I am lazy. The food was great and Callie loved it, however before she finished eating I realized that beneath the white beard of tzatziki sauce she had a bad rash that was expanding. I quickly washed her up and took her out of her high chair to get her cleaned up. Also as soon as possible I gave her a big dose of Benadryl. Anytime Callie has a reaction we take her clothes off as it typically spread to her chest then torso then beyond. This way we can keep track of exactly how bad it is. This time it stayed local to her face and in about 30 minutes or so it started to dissipate. We did keep her up later than usual to make sure she was going to be ok and the reaction wouldn't get worse. This is just another typical day in the life of the Chavez clan. It is so tough to take Callie out or get take out as when this happens we can't even really pin down what the cause was. She only ate chicken, rice and tzatziki, all of which she usually eats at home when we cook it, so it has to be a change in seasoning, marinade, cooking oil, etc, something small that means a big deal for Callie. Then of course I feel guilty for being a lazy mom who got takeout for dinner instead of cooking something safe for my kid. Just another day in the life..... Every day I go to work though I am reminded that things can always be worse and as parents we don't always sign up for what we get but that we learn to deal with the cards we are dealt. I am dealing with food reactions and feeling guilty while I spent time today talking to a parent about a major spine surgery for her daughter who cannot sit up. So I remind myself that the things in my life are minor and every parent learns to manage their kids issues, whatever they may be, to the best of their abilities. I help parents adjust to their child's major medical needs all day at work and know so much about therapy and orthopedic surgery but food allergies are a new realm for me. I'll become an expert sooner or later.

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