Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy Fourth of July! We had a nice day off enjoying time with our friends and family. Juan's friends Matt and Stephanie came to visit from Vegas. We also got to see Tammy, Jason, and Kaitlyn. Callie and Kaitlyn had fun playing together. At one point Kaitlyn was crawling and Callie tried to sit on her, like she was a ride on toy. Oh Callie! She doesn't spend a lot of time with other kids so she isn't the best at interacting with other kids appropriately. Kaitlyn goes to daycare so she wasn't phased by Callie and her roughness. Someone gave Callie this adorable outfit on her birthday. I cant remember who, but thanks to whoever it was. It fit perfectly and was so cute! I figured it was time to get some new family photos and a few with my nice camera. I used to take photos once a month but since she turned 1 I haven't even used my dslr camera. So today I broke it out. Hope you enjoy the photos and that you all had a good day off. Unfortunately I have to work all day tomorrow :(

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