Saturday, July 13, 2013

Supporting the MDA

The San Diego MDA (muscular dystrophy association) has an annual fundraiser at the embarcadero with live music, chili cook off, BBQ, and local brewery beers on tap. It's a fun event and the money goes to a great cause. The event is held in connection with a Padres baseball game as well. This year was a little different as we went with Callie. Previously it was about trying every single beer and every chili until the game started. Today was much more laid back. We only tried a few beers and we chased around a 1 year old. Callie had a lot of fun. She played with Dimitri and his soccer ball. She also chased the pigeons and seagulls for a looong time. She found a dog and pet him and gave him a kiss. Then she discovered a big pile of ice from the beer coolers and played in the Ice until she was dirty and wet. We only stayed a few hours but boy was I tired. I was constantly trying to keep up with Callie and keep her from getting in too much trouble. We didn't stay for the baseball game as Callie was too tired by then but we still had a good time enjoying the music and the great scenery on the bay as well. Callie fell asleep on the car ride home and that's how you know she wore herself and us out!

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