Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bikini Babe

Callie is one smart cookie. We have been talking about GiGi and PaPa coming to visit and he saw their suitcases packed. Then today she starts asking incessantly for GiGi and is looking for her in the guest room. Seriously I didn't think she could understand that they were coming to visit tomorrow but I think I underestimated her.
You should have seen her face when they arrived in the rental car. She definitely recognized them even while they were still driving up. She got overly excited to the point of almost scared or didn't know what to do and then clung to me until they came in.
Callie immediately wanted to go through their suitcases since GiGi always packs them full of stuff for Callie! There was a very fun water sprinkler she liked playing with today, a new baby, and bath toys she enjoyed. And most of all the random kitchen items she brought for the kitchen we are building her. I think her favorite thing was a squirt bottle for mustard. She almost cried and was clutching it before bed when I wanted to get her to brush her teeth. Why that bottle is so cool is beyond me.
Tomorrow is my surgery so I don't know how much fun we will be having the rest of the week. I am hopeful that I will be feeling ok and just not able to lift or walk too much but we will see. So we made the most of our day and took Callie to Otay Ranch mall fountains again. She seemed to watch more than go in the fountains this time but she still enjoyed it. Check out her new bikini that Grandma Nena bought her! So cute with her ruffle and belly. She had a bunch of bathing suits but this kid grows so fast she outgrew then before summer was even over!
Wish me luck ill try to have an update for you on how everything went tomorrow.

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