Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Boo boo

Just a quick post to let you all know I am home and doing okay. I am tired and sore but overall recovering well. Callie seemed so worried about me when I got home. She wanted to be with mama but I couldn't hold her. She sat on the bed and intuitively knew I was sick. She was gentle and then shared ice chips with me. Little nurse Callie feeding mama ice chips. I told her mama needed to go to bed and she cried like she had to too lol. I took a long afternoon nap. GiGi said she kept saying mama shhh, her way of saying in sleeping and she kept asking for me all day. In the late afternoon she got to see my bandages and we talked about my boo boos. Callie says boo and lifts my shirt. It's so cute. She is being pretty gentle so far but she doesn't like that I can't pick her up. She will have to get accustomed to it as I can't lift her for a few weeks. It's hard for me too :( I just want to hold her and snuggle her. Off to bed to get some rest hopefully tomorrow I am feeling a little better and can eat more. I'm a bad recoverer because I have a hard time sitting still but I will do it.

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