Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Callie enjoys coloring now. She really likes markers and pens compared to crayons as they take less pressure and she noticed they write on more things including skin! I like this magnetic doodle pad that we got as a baby shower gift from my coworker Sharon. She is an OT and just like she said Callie has taken to using it. She demonstrates her digital pronated grasp which is a step towards learning to write and color. This is an improvement from just her regular grasp and smudge with thumbs pointed up. Also we have noticed that he seems to be left handed. She almost always uses her left hand and has more success with coloring, putting objects in small openings and feeding herself all with the left hand. I recall when she was just a few months old saying I thought she might be a lefty. I posted a video of her batting at her toys. I think that prediction may come true. Guess we will see with time as handedness (hand preference) is determined around 3 years old. I just keep reminding myself that while its tough to cut left handed you are more likely to be a genius and to be much more creative than everyone else. I already think she is a genius :)

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