Monday, July 1, 2013

Second new chair

I know Callie just got a new princess chair but it just wasn't very comfortable for her. It was overfull and firm and even after I removed some stuffing she still couldn't really sit on it comfortably or lounge back how she watches cartoons and videos. So today at Target we were in the kids chair aisle and saw all the neat chairs. Callie played Goldilocks until she found one that was just right.....
This one is comfy not just for her but I like it too! I couldn't resist bringing it home for her. I was glad I did because she loves it. She read books in it, played with toys in it, and watched movies on my phone. What an awesome new chair!

Also we had a picnic lunch at the oil change shop as I needed my oil changed and figured we could multitask.

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