Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cooking at Ikea

Jorge officially moved out on Thursday. So Juan and I are living alone in our house for the first time ever! Pretty crazy huh?
Our company left today so now the house seems a lot more empty with no visitors and no roommate.
Our next extra empty room is going to be Callie's playroom and the hall bathroom will exonerate her new bath.
I am planning on making Callie a custom play kitchen this month when my parents come. GiGi is excited to help plan and make the final product. In preparation we have been collecting items we think we need. Today we went to Ikea and bought some felt food sets and a small play pan set. Callie was thrilled with the play kitchen they had out. She loves being at ikea. She claims on all the beds and jumps around and plays with all the toys. The kids area is specifically great because it has whole kids rooms set up for samples that she just loves to play in. She liked the play kitchen here. Juan suggested I just buy that one as she likes it and its already done. Of course I cannot settle for some pre made not so great kitchen. Nope, I have bigger plans :)
Here is a glimpse of Callie at Ikea. You can see how thrilled Juan is to play with the toys we are not even buying. I take forever here too.
Just wait until Callie's real play kitchen is unveiled. Ill try to give you more. Sneak peeks of what's in store.

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