Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy First Birthday Callie!

It seems pretty incredible that Callie is 1 year old already. The first 9 months went by so slow, I am sure that was mostly due to sleep deprivation. And now the last 3 months have flown by. She seems so grown up already. She is running around and getting into trouble every second she can. People keep asking me if I am sad she is growing up and if I miss having a newborn infant, the answer is absolutely NO! Maybe that's because she was never a calm happy infant, but I think 1 year is way more fun. Callie can interact and play with you as well as be independent and stubborn. Just today she learned to blow kisses after Joanna showed her only a few times. She is so smart that baby Callie. Out of nowhere she started saying "OK" today as well and keeps repeating it. She does this cute inflection on the k that just melts my heart.
We had a breakfast/brunch with the Chavez family and the Ferguson/DiPretoros before they had to drive back to Monterey. Callie was showing off her new water and sand table on the deck. She was a real ham splashing around in her bathing suit. She learned that she does not like the taste of sand, yuck! She also took her first real tumble hitting her lip and getting a bloody lip. She was tough and only cried a minute and then proceeded to wipe blood all over herself, face, and toys as she kept playing. What a tough cookie she is.
Tonight we went out to dinner at DiMillies for pasta and Callie ate almost the whole plate of noodles! We came home and did birthday cake one last time since it is her real birthday today. She was close to blowing out the candle but it didn't happen. She blows when you sing happy birthday, when she sees bubbles, or whistles and is capable of blowing really well but for some reason when the candle is lit she doesn't blow it out. Then the candle is out and she reaches for it and blows. It's pretty hysterical really, I can't help but laugh. We will blow out the candles at her 2nd birthday party for sure.
Happy Birthday Callie, from your mommy who loves you to the moon and back!

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