Saturday, April 6, 2013

Callie's new digs

Callie got new shoes today since her other were too tight and hurting her feet. Since she was getting much better at walking we decided on the more sturdy soles which are harder. There was another pair with even harder soles but she couldn't walk in them. So we went with the fancy light weight running shoes. They seemed ok at first although her balance wasn't quite as good. Within the 1st hour she tripped over her now longer feet and fell on her face on the sidewalk. She was tough and didn't really cry but she is back to having a forehead bump and bruise again. Poor Callie. Hopefully it goes away soon. We will break the new shoes in slowly and be more careful.
On a positive note the floors are finished and Callie and I are going back home tonight.
Tomorrow is mommy day. I'm headed off to Glen Ivy Hot Springs for a girls spa day and relaxation so you won't see me posting on the blog. Callie and daddy will have their own adventures. :)

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