Monday, April 15, 2013

Allergist Update

Today was Callie's one year allergy follow up. We didn't learn too many new things today. We decided to forgo the skin prick tests and go with the blood tests since we can test,any things and get a concrete number so we can see if anything is decreasing. I showed the doctor the photo of Callie after blackberries and she agrees it is definitely an allergic reaction, so for now no blackberries or raspberries since they are very similar.
Wha is interesting to me is that sometimes allergies get worse at this age instead of better. That is because the body begins to produce more IgE which is what produces the allergic response. So if your body has more IgE then the response can seem stronger. So the blood tests should help us know if we still need to avoid all these foods of if anything is improving and if necessary we can do skin prick testing again.
The blood test went much better than last time. It was still torture and she cried the whole time but it only lasted less than 10 minutes vs 40 last time. The lady was better and only needed one arm, one tourniquet, and one needle stick. Thank goodness.
So now we wait and see what the results say.
We have added a lot more new foods successfully. This week was tomatoes which she didn't love plain but tonight we gave her tomato sauce for pasta but on top of quinoa instead and she gobbled it up. Guess its time for me to start getting braver and cooking more foods for her besides plain meat and plain veggies as I think she is getting bored of that. She is 92% for weight so she is obviously eating enough!
I think it should only take a few days for the blood tests, until then we will patiently wait.
I the meantime here is Callie today playing with her doll and house again as well as her destructive side. She likes to disassemble, take apart, and make a mess of anything she can get her hands on. I am trying to teach her clean up but so far unsuccessfully.

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