Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book Chain Mail

Callie and I received a letter to participate in a book exchange chain letter from a long time friend. I figured we could handle it and decided to participate. You send a book to the kid on th top of the list then make 6 copies and put your kids info on the bottom. By the time it's passed along you should get a total of 36 books for purchasing 1. I didn't have too much faith in the process but felt like I needed to at least follow through for my friend. So we did and I forgot about the whole thing, until today that is. Today Callie received her first book in the mail from a complete stranger! Thanks to Teri Tanaka whoever you are for our first book, from the people who wrote where is baby's belly button she got how does baby fell, a lift the flap book. Callie enjoyed the book and played with it tonight. We will be looking forward to more books coming in the mail, although I doubt we will actually receive 36.

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