Monday, April 29, 2013

Case of the Mondays

Today was one of those days where I just couldn't win. I wanted to have a fun day with Callie and maybe go to the beach.
I started the day extra early at 5:20 am with Callie screaming, then the weather wasn't great so the beach was out. I tried to take a nap when Callie did but had to deal with some issues from work. So No nap for me. I decided that we could cook some things together so I prepared a bunch of kale for kale chips. When Callie got up we had fun shaking the leaves in the bags to coat them then spreading them in the pans to bake. While we waited for it to bake we played with the watermelon, then cut it up and ate it. 30 minutes later when the kale was ready we sampled it. For my first try I think it was ok. A little salty but still good. Callie really liked it and wanted handfuls and was just pushing it all in her mouth and the dogs, unfortunately pretty quickly I realized that she was having a reaction to it. I assume it is not the kale as she has eaten kale before without this type of reaction. It didn't have many ingredients, so either balsamic vinegar or brown mustard? I am not really sure. Her reaction was isolated to around her mouth and her wrists, mostly just where it touched her skin. I waited it out 15 min and washed her skin with soap to see if it would be enough to go away but to no avail. Se had real hives pretty quickly and spreading so we went with the Benadryl. Callie was a champ and didn't even mind the reaction she was still pretty happy. I got lots of photos and video prior to the reaction. Once I saw what was happening no more photos.
So that was strike 1. Strike 2 came soon after when Callie was following me to the garage and tripped over Manny ( he is always in the way!). She tripped and fell on the other wood baby gate we are not using that is currently stored by the garage and scraped her arm on the wood. Her first real scrape with blood and scab. Poor Callie, what a rough day. Mommy is not a good babysitter!
The afternoon went much better and we played with sand, went for a walk, and cleaned up our earlier messes. And my last strike was when attempting to install the furniture straps on her bookcase and dresser for safety. Callie was watching closely as I attempted to install the straps. I wanted to find the studs but 5 holes later and not a single stud. I quit for the day and ordered a stud finder on amazon. I will try again in a few days. So on a Monday where I thought would be an easy day it just wasn't. :( back to work tomorrow. I'd prefer a tough Monday home with Callie anyway over a work day, so give me more Mondays.

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