Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A year in review in photos

So as I promised I put together a collage of Callie's year in review in her month by month photos with the stickers. It really brought me back seeing all the photos of her. In month one I still see the torticollis she was born with and it doesn't surprise me that she was yawning since she didn't sleep much? In month 3 I remember her first smiles and really plump cheeks and her first giggles. In month 6 I recall her being so interested in exploring items while sitting that I couldn't get her to look at the camera, either that or her hands were in her mouth because month 7 brought teeth! Check out that grin which only gets better by month 8 where I see her personality starting to come out. She looks proud and sassy in the way she is posing for the camera. In month 10 she was walking away so I put her in the basket to keep her still for the photo. By month 11 there was no stopping her and hence the photo on the move which was impossible to pose. And lastly at month 12 she just rips the sticker off to show it to me! She is sassy and a typical toddler who can't sit still for even a minute, not even for a photo for her mommy. I love every single one and I love seeing this collage of her growth. I love her more every single day and I am proud to be her mommy. She is an amazing little girl and one day she will grow up to be an amazing woman, but just not too fast ok? I need to cherish my little baby for a lot longer still.
Thanks to everyone who still follows along and reads Callie's blog. We love you all. There were a lot of photos that didn't make it into the months stickers collage where I dressed her up for other photos, but don't worry there will be another sampling of my favorite photos coming soon. Guess you'll have to keep following to see ;)

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