Sunday, April 28, 2013

Callie's First Pool

This weekend we bought Callie a kiddie pool for the deck. It's been very warm out so it seemed the perfect time to get it set up. Also last year I waited and then every Walmart was sold out, I wasn't going to miss out this year!
We got this for $13 and its going to be worth several thousand! In 2 days she has played over 2 hours. She is obsessed with the water. The first time she saw it she tried climbing over the edge. We keep the water level low as she falls a lot and has gone under and doesn't like her head to get wet. I anticipate we will spe d a lot of time in this little plastic pool :)

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  1. That blue outfit is so cute on her! I think it's her color. What size is she in now?


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