Saturday, April 13, 2013

Down to one?

First off my apologies for terrible blogging this week. I have neglected you all. Don't take it personal, I have been working every night after work to put the house back in order, clean, organize and tidy up. The floors and stairs are complete and we moved back in the "west wing" of our house however it just seemed like we needed to clean out and declutter so we can have a fresh start. We donated A LOT of stuff Friday and it feels good to have some closet space and floor space.
Anyways because if my busyness I just forgot to take photos during the week.
Callie has been fighting napping so today we tried just one nap in the midday instead of a morning and afternoon nap. She actually did very well. We will see if this becomes the new normal.
I did capture this video of Callie before bed though. I have been channeling my inner Pa and using the hey! Instead of the no no. Usually when I say no no and do the wiggle pointy finger she says no no back to me so I tried this. It worked this time but usually she laughs at me. Not too convincing I guess :)
Also I bought Callie this adorable kitchen play set that is made for outdoors to make mud pies! She will love it because she already wants to play in the dirt and water. Mix those two together and you get one fun mess! For now it's in the house for clean pretend play.

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  1. Oh my goodness that is the cutest video. Look at her move!!!


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