Sunday, April 14, 2013

Can you tell me how to get to 67 1/2 Center St?

We finally got the whole house back in order, cleaned, organized and in tip top shape. So instead of resting for a day I started my new box project! It's a playhouse for Callie!
Pretty cool from just cardboard, tape, hot glue and leftover paint, huh?
Callie thinks its pretty cool. She opens and closes the door, goes in and out, looks out the window.
The mailbox has cardboard mail and a working mail flag, well it was working until Callie ripped it right off the side. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.
I hope that this makes for lots of hours of fun and imaginative play. I'm hoping to make her a creative child :)
I tried getting a video of her playing with her house but I ended up with this funny video of her and her baby Stella.

Oh and the 1 nap only continues but today it was a 3 hr morning nap! That's pretty much how I got the whole house built and painted today. I would enjoy 1 long nap everyday!
Tomorrow is allergist Monday, it's Callie's 1 year old allergy follow up where they retest her and hope it's getting less severe. Bad news is its in the late afternoon and we have to get blood drawn and have the prick tests again. No fun. :(

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