Saturday, April 20, 2013

Callie's First Birthday Bash

Today we had Callie's first birthday party at the Chavez house. GiGi flew in from CT just for the weekend to celebrate her birthday. We also had family come down from Monterey and up from Mexico.  Callie even had some of her baby friends there to party with her. Her party was such a success and so awesome. We can't thank our friends and family enough. And my wonderful inlaws who throw one heck of a party. They are amazing and I am so lucky to have them. Callie is one loved little girl. The entire party was Elmo themed and she had a giant Elmo walking balloon, Elmo pinata, Elmo cakes, Elmo jumper, Elmo everywhere! I thought that the jumper was going to be a little much and that she wouldn't enjoy it that much, but boy was I wrong. She LOVED that jumper and didn't want to get out of it. She walked around and bounced around and fell over and over again. The poor baby actually got rug burn from the vinyl on her bum from falling so much and she was wearing a skirt. She also had a reaction from the grass :( But she was a trooper, we gave her some benadryl, a quick bath, clothes changes and right back at partying. She wanted to be in the jumper for hours, even with the big kids. She wasn't too sure about beating Elmo with a stick, but she liked ripping the paper off the pinata instead. She enjoyed her cake, although she did not succeed at blowing out the candle as I had hoped.
She had an amazing day, so much fun and everything was for her. What a special little girl. I know she had a fun fun birthday bash, she was so tired on the way home she couldn't keep her eyes open even when we were talking to her. Thank you again to all our family and friends, we are very blessed.

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