Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sleepy Bedtime Routine

Callie has a new bedtime sleep routine ad it has been working really well. We put her to sleep right when we see we getting sleepy before she has a meltdown. We are trying for a short bath, book reading, then feeding right before bed. We put her down to sleep turn on the sound machine and walk away. She usually cries for 10 min but then falls fast asleep for the rest of the night (except getting up to eat a few times).
So 2 nights in a row I got her to bed early. Last night 7 pm and the night before 5:30 ( I think she hadn't adjusted to west coast time yet). You would think with all this new free time I have I would be blogging more, but that's not the case because I have been exhausted too so I went to bed at 8 pm 2 nights in a row! I have to say its a welcome change to the previous schedule where we walked around like zombies and listened to her scream like we were torturing her for 3 hours.
The bad news is that by the time we get out of work and pick her up it's immediately bed time so we don't get to spend much time with her but I think it's still for the best. We will have to make the most of our other free time. Luckily for me that's 4 free days with her, but poor Juan only gets the weekend.
So no photos from yesterday because she went to sleep right away! I'll try to snap a few tonight.

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