Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2 year anniversary

Yesterday was Juan and my 2 year wedding anniversary. We left Callie at her grandparents and went out to dinner and the movies. It was a good break for the two of us to get out together and relax. I may have been a little too relaxed as I fell asleep in the movie about 4 times. Exhausted mommy doesn't usually get a break like that. When we went back to pick her up they said she had been sleeping since 7:30! What?! She NEVER does that for us. We can't get her to bed before 9 on our best night. Not sure what the grandma secret is but she sure loves being with them. She had her hair done and was playing with her giraffe.
A lot has changed in 2 years and it seems like our wedding was just yesterday. The weather however is very similar and out of the ordinary, cloudy and cool just like the day we got married. We welcome all the crazy changes that come with a baby Callie and are looking forward to 50 more years of adventures.

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