Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last Day in CT

Tomorrow we head back to CA at 4 am, so today was our last day in CT. We stayed home all day, swam in the pool with Jon, napped a lot, and had dinner and play time with uncle Ed, GiGi, Gramps, Pa and Kay, and GaGa and Ashley. Everyone came over for dinner and Callie took her last nap of the day which was perfect timing. We also made homemade coconut milk ice cream and waffle cones which was delicious! We are now packed all up to the maximum capacity with 2 full suitcases at 50 lbs!
We couldn't even fit all Callie's new toys we got at yard sales so those will have to wait to come out with GiGi. We couldn't leave without GiGi having a date set to see her again. She booked a flight for September and Gramps is coming out for work and will get to see her in September too. For everyone else in CT we will be back at Thanksgiving. We had a great visit and are glad to have everyone meet Callie. Thanks to all our family and friends back east and an extra special thanks to GiGi and Gramps for all the extra work and babysitting duty while I was here. Here are a few photos of Callie playing while I packed today. She loves the new soft bear she got from the DeBiasi family and eats his ears. I took a bunch of good family photo shots with everyone today but they are on my camera so they will wait until I get home tomorrow. Crossing my fingers for an easy and quiet flight tomorrow. Wish me luck....

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