Sunday, July 1, 2012

10 weeks

Callie is 10 weeks old now, sorry this post went up one day late. We are still waiting for the nights to get better. Some nights she is good and will go to sleep and others she cries and cries until she can't stay awake any longer.
She is starting to be able to sit up better when supported by the couch and is pretty darn good at holding her head up now. Callie enjoyed her first sitting upright stroller ride today, all the way til the last 3 houses on the block. Then she had a meltdown, but I think it was just because she was hungry.
Here she is in her padres outfit supporting the worst team in baseball.
She is able to smile now and she talks to us a lot more. You can see in some of the photos her mouth is changing shape because she is talking.

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