Thursday, July 19, 2012

Busy day

We had a busy day today. This morning we went blueberry picking at Maple Lane and I thought Callie would like to look around and see everything but she fell asleep before we got there. So I put her in the ergo carrier and she slept the whole hour we were there. She didn't even know we went blueberry picking! Here I am with the blueberries, soon to be an amazing pie.
Later we brought lunch to have with Miki, Taylor, and Griffin. Callie played with her piano for a bit.
Then we went and had dinner in Noank with my high school friend Anna and her family. It was good to catch up and see them, the view is obviously easy on the eyes as well and it was a beautiful night.
We returned home with a very fussy car ride but she's asleep now at 9 pm, phew!

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